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I've been away a while but back then S cards were considered the best as far as I remember.  Now people are spamming the sale of these cards with the dark red title name and when I compare was is being sold to the equivalent ones I have equipped the dark red ones are better, usually because they have an extra add-on.

So are these dark red ones the S+.  If so, are S+ better than S - always or sometimes - and did something change to make the S+ better than they used to be.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

(EDIT - thanks very much HeavyDirtySoul)
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If I'm not mistaken, S+ cards (red cards) were originally semi-disabled or something and only used for titles.
However, for balance reasons or to reduce scripting or something to the effect,
S+ were readded as working cards with all rounded stats, so yes, in general they are better.
I think some people still use a couple S cards for full def, but overall, S+ are the preferred set.

Balance related:
* Reworked War Avatar S+ cards! They are now offensive card type with considerable amount of defense. They have also been made tradeable, to make it easier for players to gain them. (S+ cards acquired before patch are still untradeable). Card stats you can check on the bottom of this post

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As I understand it, the S+ cards on epic used to give the bonus stats (the ones in blue) but not the base stats themselves. As a result, you may have gotten a few extra attack/defense levels, but you would have lost out on all of the base stats, and the lack of max spirit could really be a disadvantage in pvp. Now, the S+ cards have their base stats reenabled, and have extra bonus stats to boot, which essentially makes them the all around go to choice.
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