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Binding ALL actions to an NPC


Way it's done: Moving while you have a Banker's dialog box open before you have the stash open. Can be done in UVD, flying OR on the ground. Does NOT require a mount to be done. (it's also rare to get it executed.)

The only way to get outta it is to relog, as you can't do ANYTHING at all (Can't talk to ANY NPC, move, tele stone, fly, et cetera. You can accept embraces but this'll still be active no matter how far you go from that banker.)

Wonder if this could be fixed.

Yes, you can get stuck in an ENDLESS flying loop where the ONLY fix is a force log (can't even log out normally w/ that one.)

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Tele stone.
Can't, no actions can be taken other than a log out, which INCLUDE using ANY item in the game.

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I don't recall such situation happening to me ever. Anyway, it's not something "fixable" to me without game source code, and probably wouldn't be even with. 

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happened to me. but i was kindda stuck in the middle of the banker. and cant move, u cant even tele. u hafta force log and all. x.x so hafta slow down and wait for the animation to load.
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