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why does Scripters Script ?


The oNlY Reason Scripters script  is  Because they got Beaten up without script they got tried of losing every fair fight they got tired of being trash and die to everyone "they still trash tho"" but anyways they tried to be better and not to die and they try to find a wy to survive skilled people in 1v1 they got tried after they run out of Chi and genie and have no way to survive so they had to script to save thier arses but we can't blame them with most of them having  fake Reason ( everyone strted to script so we hd to scrupt too ) as if anyone will believe this and as if that fixed things up otr made you ble to kill a skilled scripter "" oh wait there's no A skilled scripter "" skilled people doesn't even need a DEF set they can kill with skill  :normal-2: :normal-2:

but oh well get better Nerds i will never use script untill someon force me into it after i get beaten by none scripter i might start thinking about scripting just like ll the noobs round that thinks they are gods (good)

edit: bro don't get mad at me because you are a scared noob nerd 
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Go uninstall lmao.

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Stop making threads.
Turn off your forums script.

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mr. high and mighty whining again?


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scripters script cause they arent good enough to play without script so they need to use 3rd party cheatsoftware and they still dont get good :normal-2:
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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I finally see the light. Thank you. This was um enlightening. 

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i think you got beaten by alot of non scripters, Check out my ugly boy poetry
these hoes aint shit

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why DO* the scripters script


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I don't see any valuable point of making this thread. *sigh. even if you cry a lot, until your tears flow like river nile, Script won't be removed.

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I don't know why you made this thread. Script wont be removed sadly.

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i think you got beaten by alot of non scripters, Check out my ugly boy poetry
?!  :(

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