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Need Wiz and EA guide in Mass. Thanks

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Hi, i'm new to Wiz and EA and I love mass pk.
I just wonder what should I do when playing these 2 in mass PK, and which cultivation should I go for each.
Please help.

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Also, I want to ask is Barb useless in Mass PK?

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Mage is a DD and a CC, hence demon has more cc (+ more pdef and 20% channel buff) it's preferred.
Ea is a straight forward DD, sages are ct, demons are aps - both work for mass.

WB in mass http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=34859.0

No class is useless if you know what, when and how ;)
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Hi dude.

I dont play WB, so i'll link you a videos of what a wb should do in mass.
and no WB is not useless at all just depends on the person playing it i guess.

1- Skazy aka fagboy aka weaboo

Also I don't play EA so I'll link you a video of EA

Mage very easy class to play. Damage dealer, CCer and healer all in one for mass

In my opinion I'd say go demon. 99% mages on server are demon. You get more defense, more CT, and overall just more dmg then sage mages rofl.

1- DD : Make sure u have Q+E setup for maximum AA ( assist attack ) assuming you already know what that means.
basic heiro combo: Undine Strike, pyrogram, divine pyrogram, sandfall
a whole bunch of heiro combo's i can list here, but too lazy.. You'll figure them out as you play the class more.
Actually I think basic hiero is frozen flame , since the skill by its self can charm bug rofl

2- CCer ( Crowd Control ) Spam Mountain Seize, Ice Prison, and Hail Storm. Keep them on CD and use them every chance u get. When you use Icr prison make you use IG or Sutra because if you leap into the enemy guild with Ice prison and no IG, you'll get insta target-ted and die.  Very easy. Also Spam Force of Will and if your demon Mo Zo Zunt or whatever that skill is called ( the ones that steals 50chi from a target ) You spam those 2 skills on enemy warriors. If you see a warrior running in to stun your pt or surrounding guild mates, hit him with force of will and steal his chi, very simple and straight forward.  Again keep those 2 skills on CD.

3- Healer - Spam Mourning Dew on yourself, pt leader, and the ep in your pt when needed. If you see your pt lead getting focused stop whatever your doing and heal him. You can also use elemental shell because it has a 10% chance to remove a debuff, give 1000% bonus to magic def and give you chi ^_^ very simple. Also keep EA's in your pt buffed with frost blade at all times.

There you g0 boss.
Sorry if i didnt go into detail, i made it has straight forward as possible rofl, its not hard. + also I'm very lazy person by nature.

Here is your homework b0ss

Haste - Maxime

Chiraq or whatever this nigr change his name too now -David


Also, many grammar error in this guide, I don't care rofl
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Press macro on both classes in mass pk theres so many ppl in mass that youll rarely get even hit so  macro it all out

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My guide to both these classes in mass pk is to have more players on your side than the enemy does