Epic Perfect World

Appelumi vergen guild

Offline Drag Queer

  • Queerio
  • yass queen slay
  • Characters: Faggattini
  • Faction: 100Homos

even tho half my squad went MIA mid pk and half the guild died of boredom leaving me alone towards the end, shit was too easy  :normal-21:

Offline M-,

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  • The Imaginary |
  • Faction: Tyrants ☆ |✘
Nice man u making videos again ! Good songs man ezpz pk

Offline Σѕкιмo

  • Sweet ♥
Nice music, Geodude.
Was fun pk, even if I couldn't even see pt lead most of the time.  :'(
One of these days I'll update your guild icons again and send you file, np.

Offline Bambi

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  • Sam♥
  • Characters: Sandy
  • Faction: Artifex
Nice video Geo keep it up ! ! !


Offline Demonaa 🔥

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  • Ohkai
  • Retired rofl .I.
  • Faction: Tyrants #1
Fun pk man, nice video!

Online Nea

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  • Mana was here♥ hai hai
  • Characters: Nea EA Camp
  • Faction: EPW_Team

Offline Lyrica

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  • Characters: Irithel
best quality video.. nice game man


Nice video sir! 

Offline Persas

  • Do You Even Lift
  • Still using own skillsender cuz Burdette's one is bad
  • Characters: Curso
its amazing how you and me move as 1, we are like siblings attached to eachother. You are the ugly one by far tho.

Also i hit your targets before you hit them, how bad are you man (or how good am i) mind = blown

Lol i fak you

Offline ßuster

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  • Luffy
  • Tsukuyomi Sharingan

Offline Royal

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  • retired drawer / Nea was here❤
  • Faction: Codex mercenary
nice video and leading
didn't want to be in your (bad) pt anyway
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

Offline Riel

  • Coliver
  • Characters: Indominus, Yueliang, Oliver
top ea gameplay :police: nice vid, liked the music

Offline Ahed

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You're almost good as me xDDDDDD 

Offline Maxime

  • Laura♥
  • Characters: InTake AiZoX Haste Faultless
  • Faction: Tyrants / Siege