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Balancing GBQ Materials

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Every time we complete GBQ, we get base mats like the Plume Puff Pack, Ethersteel, Lost Sand, etc. that we're supposed to turn in until the material able to be turned in is at maximum capacity. It's pretty tedious for leaders who aren't always online when materials get maxed out or leaders who just forget to balance the mats, so my suggestion is this:

Make an exchange system at the Faction Manager in base. You can exchange your class's mat for whichever mat is low and turn it in. This would benefit guilds that are low on some classes and there would be less strain on lazy leaders (youknowwhoyouare) or leaders who aren't always online to balance mats. 

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fixing mats is most annoying shit ever 
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
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even now, i still do ❤

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+entire player base
Make this happen, Tyrants leader is lazy, help. 
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yeah what she said. didnt even read it, go wife
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+1 much yes much need




There's no need -1

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+1 it is a waste to NPC those useful mats. 

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Yes i sell them to npc anyway to free bag spots

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-1 no need for it

kitty stew

-1 terrible idea

kick leader in the ass to use heavenly vault exchange thats what its for

or find leader who is active

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-1 terrible idea

kick leader in the ass to use heavenly vault exchange thats what its for

or find leader who is active
There are some leaders who don't know how or care to do it so they depend on other people, who aren't always in the position responsible for exchanging materials. Balancing materials in base is more annoying than balancing mats for rerolls (not like you have to do that anymore because PE was added) and if the entire server had to balance mats in base, this would've been brought up a long time ago.

As for the two of you who said there is no need, I guess we better put refining items back to 12 clicks, remove custom fashion, remove custom wings (we only really need 1 set of wings, there's no need to be so glamorous with multiple sets), remove custom mounts, etc. Y'know. There's no need.  :rolleyes: