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NW Suggestion? Is it possible ?

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Before anyone jumps to conclusions , I know there are a tons of NW suggestion and a lot of them are really unpractical. 

However, I was wondering is it possible to fill our genie MP bar when we re-spawn in NW battle maps. 

I mean, when we re-spawn we already are given 1 spark plus half chi and, buffs. I feel like if we have our genie bar filled it wouldn't be something that is over the top and wouldn't unbalance anything. Or would it?? ( I dont know )

Again i don't know if this is even possible or can be done, but I thought I would just put that idea out there. 
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kitty stew


when you die, you already have buffs and like 5-8 seconds of immunity

there's no need to add full genie to that as well

if you want faster charging genie just commit more to magic

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-1 seems impractical af.

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-1 not necessary 
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Not really necessary, and I don't think it's possible for Aga to do honestly..