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hello all ,
i'm just wondering can seeker actually reduce you def lvl by 70
and they have 120 DEF lvl average 
when my def set on i have 70 DEF lvl seeker skills reduce def lvl by 50 and remove wep reduce def lvl by 30 which makes any class def lvl 0
do i ave to use AD every time seekers use these stupid skills while they spam it in every like 1 min or less  so seeers basically can hit 120k zerk critc
and have the Highest DEF lvl and can aps and use metal combo and other combos 
they even have more DEF lvls than psy on white vodo 
maybe it's time for some NERF , why reduce 70 DEF lvl on a FULL Geared char ( a char with 50 DEF lvl will be -20 DEF lvl ) ridiculous
+ using script makes seekers immortal 
by the way i never seen any class can 1 Hit a full DEF barb but seekers goodbye balance 

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Long story short : i died so i qq

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Seeker are fine no need nerf anything...
and main things in seeker is def lvl because dont have much kite skill look like other class...and idk why u all guys focus in 1v1... did u ever know seeker super useless in rpk and mass pk?they have no dmg in mass or rpk...
and if u know how to play your character u wouldn't say that...also that metal combo only one time per 30sec-40sec and metal combo useless on magic class so if they nerf seeker combo and def lvl then better u say delete seeker class end of story...

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  • Quit this shit game allrdy.

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seeker is the class of disabled people let it be the way it is
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament


Damn you have few def lvls 

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i think psys need boost sir Agation :police:
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you can't figture out seeker unless u play...when u play seeker u know seeker not that much strong.

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its not about def level, its about their phy def, same as barbarians

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Damn you have few def lvls

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if Seeker was that much good as they think then server it might be full of seeker...Must of ppl know seeker useless in rpk and mass pk only not bad at 1v1 look like sin. So please stop making useless thread about any class...if they want balance game they can go play pwi or tell agatio to make all class dph look like pwi end of story

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 :-X Obvious bait is obvious 


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Long story short : i died so i qq
wise words
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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:-X Obvious bait is obvious
seekers need nerf, wb need boost, wb die in invoke ???

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Seekers need boost, coz i am still bad :(