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Alternate Ways to get Pure God Stones

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What other ways, besides World Bosses, are there?

If you check the >events page< you'll see that Pure God Stones aren't mentioned anywhere as a reward, meaning the only possible ways to get Pure God Stones without gold is by farming world bosses, or possibly by one of the daily events at the very start of the post, since the rewards for them aren't mentioned.

Now my question is, why isn't there more ways? I've asked Nostalgia already since I vaguely remember being able to get them from I believe it was Sumor Camp and Save the Princess, yet I do both of these events whenever possible and I haven't gotten any in around 3 months, so either:
- my odds are so bad I haven't gotten a single Pure God Stone through all the times I participated;
- there was PGS as a reward for them and they got removed;
- they were never there to begin with.
Also, King and Queen might or might not give them, but even if they do, they are in no way anywhere near to be the source of a steady supply of them.

If it was the first one, like Nostalgia said, then I wonder how someone can have bad luck to that extent.
In the event that it's the second option, how are we suposed to get them now? I mean, I can farm world bosses as long as they're there, but I have two endgame characters for that. Despite Sumor Camp and Save the Princess being overrun and ruined by someone logging 4-6 characters, how are the little guys suposed to farm them? Especially since gold is a necessity for a good while when you start, and becoming near obsolete the closer you get to endgame.
And in the case that it was the last situation, then I question myself how did I used to have so many that i'd stack them by the dozen.

If there really isn't any other way, then I suggest to either:
- split Mystical Elixir drop rate with Pure God Stones in Sumor Camp, Save the Princess and... I think it's called Camp of the Intrepid Rancor (whichever is situated at Cave of Sadistic Glee or somewhere very close). At Sumor Camp, if not introducing them through the Guards or their mage counterpart, i'd actually suggest for them to replace one of the four Old Epic Coins gained through each of the Soldiers (as well as increasing their number in general, but that's a different cup of tea), seeing as how the PGS value isn't far off, and the Soldiers only serve to get some scratch while the Guards respawn.
- find some other event to put them in, where the reward is directly proportional to how much you farm (the more you farm at any of the daily events, the greater the reward, though I think all others except the three I mentioned are just normal mobs, and thus a PGS per mob, even if at 50% chance, would be too high, seeing as how it's currently at an average of below 1 ec per mob).
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Also, I came accross >this< post which states that Guards drop PGS, but I'm not so trusting of it. Disreguarding all the points i've made in the first post, Guards are stated to drop Level Scrolls, Wizards are stated to only drop EC and Mystical Elixirs, and for the King and Queen alone:
- Both are said to drop Level Scrolls (this may be true but I haven't seen them in a long time from them, but who knows in all that mess)
- Both are said to drop Sacred Stones (I don't remember these dropping at all, but again, who knows in that mess)
- Neither are stated to drop ETs or dama's

And as for a technichality, Soldiers are noted to drop EC, when they drop Old Epic Coins, which I wouldn't mention if not for the fact that the Guards and Queen are listed with both EC and Old Epic Coins, and the King with only Old Epic Coins.

And finally,
  • This event have a duration of 2hours. Within this 2hours the monsters respawn 10 minutes after being killed.
The duration of the event seems to vary, mostly between 1hr and 1hr30min, and the respawn time is 20 minutes. The respawn time of 10 minutes is at Save the Princess.


Faction base with merit, costs virtually nothing. Too long a text for such topic

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Wtf are you using so many vit stones for, are you eating them?
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Wtf are you using so many vit stones for, are you eating them?
Nutrition la vita  

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Faction base quests= stones 

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yeah, do BQ. They are cheaper there.

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they used to drop from boss events a year and so ago, maybe more, time that I stashed over 500 but they got removed as a drop 
Wtf are you using so many vit stones for, are you eating them?
Yeah do bq, and they're cheap with EC. Also it's not like they're all that expensive in the boutique.