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GV needs to be fixed

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Change GV back to 20 PE (40 minutes), it's not like you can afk anymore during the run.10 PE is pretty much a waste of time... we move back to PWI thanks

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10/run is not worth doing

30 was perfect but 20 will have to do


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agreed, you are too late to try fix the gear difference gap so at least make it same for everyone

Offline iThosaka

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Yes please, so hard make anything with only 10 per run, adjust it please Agatio 


+1 to at least 20, it's not like people are going to sit in GV all day for this little boost. 

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yep +1 there is no pk anyway all day unless its 7PM server time u are not killing anything, and u can remove it while its NW time. And its a PVE server after all

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+1  11111111111111111

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Agreed +1 none gonna wast his time with 10 PE per run is ridiculous 
Should make it back to 20 

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+1.  It should be changed back to 20. 

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