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Heroic Battle Bug

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Okay, so one day I was really really really bored, then this red message popped up saying Heroic Battle in 1 minute. So I decided to enter it. Man, I was ported into a laggy area with so many people and chests to dig up. After digging a chest somehow, I was again ported in an instance same to as the Trials in base. Well, I was on the "Red Team" as I have some weird looking cross-sword buff thingie on me. I was using my Mage that time, and I have fun trashing, Killing, AAing, CCing, and all that stuffs you do in mass pk. Of course, it's mass pk, and I'm not that good of a Mage, so I died 1x. Dying, I was again ported to a small room, full of players/toons, some attacking a chi post, others talking to each other, and some are just standing there doing nothing. Well, what I noticed is, the red buff thingie was gone. Like it was just right there and it's gone! Gone! Disappeared! Never been found! Okay, so before I went hysterical, I re-entered that Trials-like map instance, or whatever you may call that map, and, my teammates started to attack me. Of course even the tankiest person in the entire server will die instantly with 40+ppl attacking.  So, I decided to again enter the map, but instead I went to the blue team area, weirdly enough, I wasn't killed by them. So I tried to dig the chest. WTF! I can dig it. So the entire blue team ganked me up. 
Now answer me this, WTF happened?
Do you know what I felt that time? I felt like I am unaccepted, with no one to turn to. I was alone. Both of teams try to attack me. Explain me this, why did that happened to me? Are you playing a troll or something? Why me of all people? I hate this world. FCKKKKK!!!

Nope this is not a QQ thread. NVM my dramatic essay above, I just wanna know what happened and what to do in case that happens to me again. Thanks.

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Relog next time it happens
Its a glitch 
Thats all
No need of all that *wannabe writer* thing
U died, u got glitched= u didnt get red buff showing ur team colour= attacked obviously
Relog and its fixed

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