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Class Change Stone

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Most important note:
Would not be able to change name or gender; i.e, no male toon to veno. You would have to buy a gender swap.

So you level a class to 150. Then another. And another. And another. And they just so happen to be on the same account. And you just so happened to level two of the same class. Or you want to try another class but...PVE takes four months if you have a life outside of epw. Or you leveled a class but you realize...you don't like it. WHAT TO DO?

Never fear, the class change stone is here!

The class swap stone would keep:
- Name (so as not to compete with ID Stone)

- Gender (so as no to compete with Gender swap item)

-R8 Ascended Ring (swappable at gear exchange NPC)

- Gear in inventory (with the exception of r8 gears)



The class swap stone would not keep:
-R8 gear - Unless switched to R8 applicable to new class and rolled randomly

-Skills for previous class - Well...we can't have a barbarian with deaden nerves and tidal....

-Stat points - Somewhat unnecessary as stat resets are easy

-Cultivation - Skills are reset as well, so no skill losses from a cultivation reset

And as this must not be spammable, it must have a long time span in between uses or be a one time only use.
I prefer the idea of a week-long cooldown, as this would give enough time for a player to learn the class selected.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day. 

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I want whatever you're on.
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This, legit man, hand some over. 

OT; Agatio can't add things like that, that would have to be added to PWI then brought over here. It could be done through panel, with having someone donate for points and such, then buying a class change. If I remember correctly though, I don't think Agatio can change the class after it's been picked. This is also pretty unnecessary. Even forever ago, before xp changes were done, it didn't take 4 months to level a char, even if you did have a life outside of Epic. 


Literally can't be implemented.

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I want whatever you're on.
right o-o

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U could just aswell make a new toon with 4k ec after uDelete 1st


Is this even possible?

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i have a life and it took 2 days lol...
logged in when i could and just did pv 2-3hours each day
runs only take 3-4minutes
but i don't think that can be done
but sure if possible lol
these hoes aint shit

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I want whatever you're on.

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Not sure if you are serious or not, which I never believe people are anymore,
because with half the shit I see around here,
if they are legit, then I am sorry they were dropped as children.

And just in case you are serious:
I want whatever you're on.

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I want whatever you're on.
Right! LOL

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Not possible but nice try
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Why not Agatio was here? I like the idea if possible if not well lets sit and eat pizza, buritos and etc,

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That would not go so easily ..... The system can change only maximum sex ...... But at the character change would not make database that with .... she did not know which line in the database changed should be.