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Perfect Elements as Engraves (another greedy thread)

Offline TweedleDum

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was wondering if people would be ok with having PE get used to engrave ring/neck/belt
at maybe rates like
15 PE = 1 ring engrave
30 PE = 1 neck/belt engrave
subjected to change

what might happen if its implemented:
Ornas wont cost 100k ec no more
PE on alts become useful (OMG KILL THIS THREAD ALREADY)
whole world will revolve round PE
Economy becomes pwi level
newbies get easy access to decent engraves on ornas
greedy people wont pay Asian rates for engraves
omnislasher will kos me

+1/-1 just wanna know servers opinion

your kungfu is goot

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-1 sht is fine the way it is 


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-1 but the omnislasher joke was a good one lol <.< if youre farming PE on your alt it will be useful... for your alts gear. PE is no profit farming, but it's still very useful for personal armor. It should stay that way to avoid even more multiclient abuse.
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That was missing ..... -1

Offline ܣᏁᎧᏉܣ

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-1 Supply tokens are easier to farm now, since most ppl are hyped to do BHQs and such. I think it's not needed.


-1 there's literally no need.

Offline Drag Queer

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harbinger was boosted to 30 st since the rings restrict, no need for this when you can easily get an engrave a day
Hooonestly, I can never make it to NWs and it takes so long to get ST through BH. Although there is TM runs, I kinda have done hundreds of them for capes and stuff (I still do them, but it's tiring after a while.) I think it might be a good idea to use PE for engraves, honestly. 
Kinda +1. 

Offline Drive

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-1 for already stated reasons^.
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