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Why didnt Bms get Dragon Rising Primal skill

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well i won't complain about this already readed all the Topic made about the same thing
i'm a new Player and i just noticed it was missing

but lets see now on 2016

a live proof ,,,,,

No one play BM now only BMs for PVE and support everyone play Sin or Seeker or EA ....

but seriously why make the BM the most Fail Class no one play it now and well on my BM some Seeker with 75 DEF lvl and 65 ATK lvl 2 hit my BM GF
:'( :'( :'( seriously i should QQ about this and say where is the only and most important skill as BMs relay on stuns and all the stuns we got every class can avoid them and we get stunned all the time also the skill need 1 Chi bar and have long cooldown and it will Edit our Drake Bash so its not another stun
all the classes got OP sKills .. sin R8 Recast could get 5.00 aps base while BM r8 recast is waste of time please reconsider this cuz BM is supposed to be the Top 1 vs 1 class on PWI before Raging Tide ( Sin ) classes come out people prefer to play Easy Classes 123 like EA and sins cuz they are weak ;pill + Genie + 3 spark GF but no one learn to kill with skill 8) By the way the skill could MISS on Dex classes and could be countered by many ways ( you got to figure out) also a BM won't have that Much Chi to actually spam it as some people said HF already takes 2 chi and can't 3 spark if you use this new skill anyways and BMs dmg is the lowest among all Classes well that's why no one play a BM on 1 vs 1 anymore

Dragon Rising (Drake Bash, Mage Bane, and Piercing Winds) Needs 1 Spark to Use (Only Used with Axes, Poles, or Swords) - The skills making this up were fun enough, but they only got better here. Its considerably good base damage aside, this skill applied a 5.5 second paralyze to the target. (The skill description currently says stun - this is incorrect) Paralyze can not be stopped by any kind of crowd-control effects, and the only Genie skill to remove it fails more often than not. When using Axes, that stun is increased even further to a full 7.5 seconds. .

in game name  Tome  #1 BM on the future
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Change your name fasted.

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I don't know, maybe because it's literally cancer and game-breaking?

People complain about barb knockdown, which is 1/3 the duration of Dragon Rising.. 

This will never be added to Epic.

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I want Dragon rising to be added though, but it's up to Aga. or to anyone else. 

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Uuuh..Bms are fine,maybe need a bit more dmg but thats about it.  :-X I personally think even the dmg is fine if you know what you're doing.

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Nope. We won't ever get it. However, I definitely feel wr needs a boost in a few aspects, but this is NOT one of them. 
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Why one contradicts. We often contradict an opinion, while actually it is only the tone with which it was advanced that we find disagreeable.


lol only decent point domgrath made was people will complain, and they complain because it's something uncounterable so why implement it? But why even put BM behind the curb when every other class has their full primal skills? I've seen sins with GoF and alot of attack levels 1hit squishy classes with 1 elimination skill, I've seen barbs 1v1 and knockdown people more then 1/3 of the time (idk, why domgrath lied about the 1/3 bullcrap). 

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Because it's broken? 

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i don't QQ about Other Classes got OP skills or OP dmg and ATK & DEF LVL  but seriously why the need of removing the only skill a BM would actually need the most  it's supposed to be ""Balanced "" on a custom way go check people's  1 vs 1 and check BM gets 2 hit by Seeker and Mage/EA or check on BM dies to aps sin that 3 spark and kill just with 1 stun GF 

i wonder why people who doesn't even play BM come here and say "" i think BBM is fine with his Dmg and skills now ""
just because they play other OP classes and want everyone die to them 123   

this is skill won't add much to BM's but maybe it will make it abit competitive compared to the other classes new skills and dmg/def 

1 more thing ... i couldn't even Kill Sin and seeker even when i stun locked them and HF they still live without using genie nuff said

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Change your name fasted.
Yup. What kind of idiot gives out their ig name while saying that they can't play their toon well? Do you want to be farmed?  :police:
"i should QQ because im not the best player on this server and my bm can't kill everyone they meet"  :'(

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People complain about barb knockdown, which is 1/3 the duration of Dragon Rising..

This will never be added to Epic.
its around 1/3 of CD too lol, and wb's knockdown doesnt need chi to use... its pretty much spammable lol

And +1 for bm's attack boost... not with dragon rising tho, but another way
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Barbs have knockdown, don't see why bm shouldn't get it, it's damage is legit garbage 

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because when beta testers were absolute garbage players without any PvP experience