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EPW - Starting Link?

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Hi there,
I am able to start the game but only on my laptop. i have the means to make a charicter,
however i was not sure as to what Link i should be on-
now if its just down to ping that fine. however are all the "links" connected? to one server?
I ask due to playing with friends in the US, i am looking possable problems if i cant get in the same area as them.

Very quick to answer i would think. i am going to pick my lowest link as a starting point but searched and could not find this directly answered.
I am asking here and not my friend who has been playing a while mainly because my friend works and will not be able to answer this untill much later 2nite.
i hope to make some progress before then!
Thanks in advance.

PS: Mods sorry if this is in the wrong place or been answered before feel free to move if needed. - once answered would be happy to delete this so.. :)


Yes, every link is the same, there is only one server. You'd only benefit from switching links because some will be laggier for you than others, but they are all connected.

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Thanks, I kinda figured as much. but thought its best to check before i get too far in.
If you wanna remove this feel free- tho maybe add to the FAQ's?
Thank you again :)