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What's the deal with GoF and Gloom?

Offline Danidv

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I've heard all types of explanations:
- Works fine.
- Doesn't work at all.
- Gloom reduces chance on GoF.

I tried testing myself with my Seeker's dragon GoF sword and I got both on autos, but only GoF on skills.

So, which is actually correct? Also, does Gloom proc at all on skills, or, suposedly, only when GoF is also involved?

Offline wasdz

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Gloom, just like purge doesn't proc on status skills, so a skill that applies a poison, or debuff like sharptooth arrow/amp/bv etc. Idk if it procs on seeker status skills though, never tried/tested.

In my personal experience, no it does not reduce gof, and yes they coexist jsut fine. Obviously both can't proc at the same time though.

Offline Agatio

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As far I know they can proc with same hit.

Offline Danidv

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As far I know they can proc with same hit.
As well as proc'd on skills? Because if so my luck is trash

Edit: My BM just used a skill with drag claws with Gloom and it proc'd so I guess my luck really is trash.
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Offline Mercenary

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it works just fine
these hoes aint shit

Offline Death

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I think they work fine