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I need Idea for Def Stats

Offline Lemonade

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Hello, so Im planning to do rerolls on my barb def set since, it still squishy :)

I seen many people using 2x Element Resist or 1x + other stats, I'm wondering what is better for Def Leggings for example 2x Element Resist or 2-3x RMDT

any explanation are valuable :) thanks in advance .

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because it reduces the total damage u take basically
like 2% rmdt would be like 2defense levels except it doesn't go for physical
while a 20% legging would increase ur mdef by like 1k or less, which wouldn't do as much as a 6% rmdt legging
these hoes aint shit

Offline Death

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Vit is best, barbs are tanks so they need as much HP as possible

Offline bob

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3x rmdt is better than 2xele resist, it also cant be debuffed.
Get rmdt on all pieces except boots, that get 3xmdef or at least 2x rpdt