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Ending process, when i move in Abaddon

Hey , guys. Have a problem, when i went to abaddon, game client has been crashed.  I verified client, then same problem. What to do?
and now.. just entering to pw and crash.. with no errors...
P.S.: mb Admin or GM's can tp me out from there
 12:31 I tp'ed out. But error is still here, i cant go to the abba
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Offline Agatio

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Hello. The EPW client you have seems to be corrupted. Did you download our full client or did you patch the other one? If you patched it, then possibly you patched client which version was different than 1.5.1
To fix your problem you can either download full EPW client (preferably via torrent) or do this: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=6701.msg80882#msg80882 (just make sure that the client you're patching is 1.5.1)
Yes i downloaded epw full client, and idk what is a problem.