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Damascene Ores Inflation Prevention Bill

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So well with this patch, I'm guessing no one will spam trials with 100 alts+ NASA guidance for damas.

My concern here is people will start selling damas at exorbitant prices like 29 ec each.
I was wondering if you could change the exchange rate at forges which allows you to exchange ec for damas
30 ec = 1 dama
27ec = 1 dama

ofc most people wont be using these forges to make dama but it would atleast serve to prevent people from charging higher than normal prices.
and new player prices will go up to 26 ec max, maybe lower.

This suggestion was made fully with the intent of preserving my precious ec (cause jewish) and to keep the old rates stable for new players to farm easier, without having to farm more than usual to pay for their damas.
Feel free to voice your concerns if I'm wrong somewhere.

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U can make like 100-200damas just from events alone daily....
Now with trials u can just do trials with guild on one toon and get some reshapes

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welcome to the game and a fluctuating economy.