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Patch v152

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Hey everyone. This maintenance fixes server time to match the summer time and brings small patch which raises rewards of few important quests and implements free gear reshape system that we hope to slowly improve in future.

> Full Patch Notes

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Patch v152 notes:

* From now, every day, you will be receiving two "Perfect Elements", used for gear reshaping and honing. So, basically, you will be getting 2 free reshapes a day per character (2 for now, but maybe more in future). These items are untradeable, but account stashable. Wait time 20 minutes required.
* Updated rewards of Guild Trials, Ares and Morai events
* "Level chest" rewards improved
* 3 new custom wings made by Echo
* few new weapon skins
* new eye textures (IDs: 9019-9023 for male and 9119-9123 for female)
* Veno tails and ears accessories now work on other classes (For them to work, the animations could not be kept on them though, my apologies - Echo)
* new dyes added

Patch v153 notes:

* Updated guild icons
* Updated quest rewards:
Guild Trials: 15 Perfect Elements. 5 Damascene Ores per quest  (instead of 10 elements 100/200 Warrior Seals)
BH I: additionally 2 Perfect Elements
BH II: additionally 4 Perfect Elements
Ares: 5 Perfect Elements instead of 3 Ancient Emblems
Morai: 5 Perfect Elements instead of 50 Epic Coins
GV: 1-5 elements depending on wave (30 in total)
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Amazing, curious about the new eyes tbh  :police:

Also, details on Guild Trials, Ares and Morai events please? Increased/decreased (?) and by how much

And umm.. Level required for 'Perfect Elements'?


Sounds interesting, ty tho

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updated to v152 and cant connect to server

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* Updated rewards of Guild Trials, Ares and Morai events
what do you mean by updated?

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Sweet Thank you!!  ;)

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Thanks for the patch!  :police: