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happy birthdaay Rieeeliita <3

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I want to wish you happy  birthday and i want to tell you that i miss seeing you around brother... sadly most of my good friends left.. And as a gift i want you to know that me and your friends in game didn't forgot about you ( Be nice and wish Rielito happy birthday  :normal-18: :normal-18: ) have a good one brother :')
hugsssss <3 :normal-8: :normal-48: :normal-8: :normal-40: :normal-4: :normal-1: :normal-23: :normal-29: :normal-47:


Happy birthday Josef!  :normal-23:

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Happy birthday! Have a good one.

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aww you actually still made a thread even when I already quit, loving the attention lol kidding

thanks a lot though :police: miss y'all too

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Happy birthday!! #MidgetsUnite  

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Happy birthday Josef nab
Last video

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happy birthday again :pig-23: :33333

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Happy bday midget. :normal-23: :normal-23:
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[12:31:46 PM] Jas: HAPPY BDAY BRO
[12:32:17 PM] Josef: DON'T GREET ME
[12:32:22 PM] Josef: I ALREADY FEEL OLD
[12:32:58 PM] Jas: OLD ASS BITCH

Happy bday again XD!!!  :police: Gay Stormtroop leader  :police:
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happy birthday b0ss :*

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Happy birthday my brother you are getting old, but you are still short don't get excited  :-* Wish you all the best hope you have a good one  ;)

Also *** you David for stealing my post  

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happy birthday, man. Have a good one

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Happpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppy birthday josef :police: :police: :police: eat and cake and have many presents

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Happy birthday my man. Wish u luck and all...you little piece of shit

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Happy birthday bro don't get too high ;)