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Ok so my story starts 4 days from this post. my friend in pm was telling me how much they disliked being forced into mag rings. being a heavy veno, it provides no damage for them. so i decided to ask the GM's why archers got the choice of two rings, and Veno did not. after probably two hours of talking to them and people making fun of me because heavy veno "was like a 2008 build on pwi, no one runs that anymore" i decided to let it go. my friend ended up making an arcane veno. with the little option they had. I suggested to them to make a Phy Ring 2, same stats, 700 str requirement. and Veno required only. everyone in the chatroom was not to into the idea. followed by being picked on more about my idea. i let the subject go.

today i entered the playoffs as a Str barb. 1071 str. they matched the matches up. and i was paired with a Veno. after checking thier gear before our fight. i saw they had all heavy armor on. a 750 vit cape. 2x 2deff level magic rings. deff level ws and cube. a 30 + something deff weapon on. They where a heavy veno in the playoffs. ofcorse i was suprised. the GM that ive seen constantly over the years previously tells me "I dont see any Heavy venos in the playoffs" so oh well. i played along with it. our match came up and it ended with the veno not being abled to be killed by me. they camped the entire match forcing me into a duel round. in the duel round they constantly kited me around using the pet to lower my hp bit by bit. no chi. no mana and all out of options. i finally died by being bleed down while they had tons of HP and MP abilities. they where 90% hp, and i lost.

if the 1 v 1 itself did not have a time limit it would end in a draw. but MP and HP restrictions from the duel make it a loss for me. even if it takes years. in the end i will lose. i feel like it was a pretty cheap way to win the round.

so more of a question then a suggestion, are you going to make a phy ring for venos? give them something to deal dmg with. instead of tanking it out till duel and kiting a victory.  or a build requirement for playoffs? e.g no cata barb builds, Ha veno, things like that, that gain a cheap win via duel.
let me know, and opinions ect-- > (no rude comments please x.x)
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struggles r  real
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I think it's only fair to provide Venos with a class-specific phys ring, especially since we already have weapons for HA venos, it makes little sense to take away our phys rings. :( Give us back our full HA build capabilities! 

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I think it's only fair to provide Venos with a class-specific phys ring, especially since we already have weapons for HA venos, it makes little sense to take away our phys rings. :( Give us back our full HA build capabilities!
Stfu , go learn how to play

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OP's logic:
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Why one contradicts. We often contradict an opinion, while actually it is only the tone with which it was advanced that we find disagreeable.

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GM 1v1 me with your wf.

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OP's logic:

"Let's give veno's phy ring so they can face tank my class! That way, they won't kite anymore! I'm a genius right?!?!?!"
I thought the same exact thing.