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What makes you keep playing EPW?

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watch domgrath dying to def 0/glitch users

lol'd at this tbh 

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i log on to afk then play other games
This pretty much

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This pretty much
and embrace me

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Just out of curiosity since a lot of people tend to have negative things to say about the game and talk about how dead or out-dated it is versus other games.

What makes you stick around?

Try not to turn this thread into a shitfest, please.
Friends and a relationship

  When you have to defend your PC from viruses and you actually know what you are doing

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My niggas

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My niggas

Off topic: Bad thread made by bad wf

fight me kid

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Honestly, in my opinion and in all seriousness, out of all of the games/mmos I have played, the idea, of any form of perfect world, really doesn't compare to most servers. One character in itself is completely powerful and can literally make or break any even numbered PVP session. I myself am very tired of hearing about complaints about this server. It's honestly one of the most player based servers you could see. This is also one of the oldest, most consistent private servers I have seen. I just think it's incredible. People go to servers like other server and get instantly geared. Servers like that doesn't appeal to me. If it appeals to you and that's your ideal of a game, I'm not hating. You do you. It's just not for me. See, for this specific server, you still half to halfway farm but it's not impossible to get. Then there's also the argument of: "Yeah, well, this server is boring." Honestly? It's not the server itself (even though the activity of players definitely fluctuates, but what can you do) If you do anything too much it gets boring because it all  becomes repetition. It's just that simple.

I play it for the amazing friends I have and will make. I've also had wonderful opportunities to even meet some people from in game in person.
And above all, I honestly play it for my guild. Leading guilds have held a very special place in my heart from the start, and I won't get into detail as to why because it's extremely personal. I just know that some people may not be in the best situations irl, and if I can make someone's life a lot easier by placing a safe place in my little laid back fun guild like some people have done for me, then I've done my job well.

Is this server perfect? No.
I just think this server is a lot better than what most people give it credit for.
I will not be responding to any negativity, because when it comes down to it, it's just an opinion, not an attack lmao
And really, don't play the game if all you're going to do is complain about it. No one is making you be here, and that's the truth.

Moist recruiting idiots like Jude

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i still wanna finish my gear.... and i wanna see the big QQing when new classes finally come to epw...
Where is he now, anyone know ? 

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Where is he now, anyone know ?
I'd like to know too, would love to see him crying about the way the server is now.  :police:

Stahp flirting girl.

Ty Kha

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Nothing can make me play this game again because its a boring ass game and waste of time..