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upgrade: Snake Isle Race

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Hi Agatio,
I just was ingame and thought about which cave I hit next to get some ec. Then I saw a red advertisement of the Snake Isle Race. I remembered the event from years ago in pwi and wanted to test if it works here. After I entered I saw just one more player. In pwi Snake Isle Race was a regular event and a must join. It was alot of fun and the rewards were attractive.

So my suggestion is: please increase the reward for the winners and advertise the event

- as i know there are 1st,2nd,3rd,4th place winners
- we could have rewards like HB event with few ST, ET, some EC (descending from 1st place winner)
- anounce the winner of every race in red chat -> will lead to automatical advertisement and ppl ask what event it is (like it was in pwi)
+ this event cant be abused by alts

open for more suggestions

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1st place get 3/2 et
2nd  2/1
3rd 1 or non not sure . u have to dig chest

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there aren't any 4th place winners :p
too much spam, let's not


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Yea, why not +1

I remember doing a flying race and a mounted race on another server, thought they were fun ^^

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The event and rewards seem fine to me. I don't think there's a need for change. If less people join, it increases my chances of getting first place :normal-4: