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Patch v148

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Hey everyone. This update brings a lot of brand new stock and custom fashion and of course new weapon reskins, this includes lightsaber models and love-themed weapons that we hope you will enjoy. Patch contains also some minor adjustments, but there is much more planned for future.

In addition, we would like to announce the TW map reset that will happen on 22th March at late evening hours.

Manual patch is recommended for slower connections.
> Full Patch Notes
> Manual Patch
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Full Patch Notes:

* lots of new weapon fashion (for coins and Gold), including lightsaber models made by Snow
* a lot of new stock and custom fashion models
* new event mount (Fairy Carriage) and flight (Lightning Blade)
* new Eye models, ID 9013-9018 for male and 9113-9118 for female
* reworked BH II reward, increased ST amount for Lunar TM runs and slightly boosted rewards for various daily quests and custom event packs
* balance update: reduced defense level from seeker and assassin's r8r set by 5 and seeker's physical defense minimally
* you can now restat your attributes at God's Giving

Faction icons will be updated in 1-2 days
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Thanks for patch!

gg I can go pvp now :D
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Also amazing banner.
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* balance update: reduced defense level boost from seeker's self-buff and assassin's r8r set by 5

Confusion never stops.

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This better include R8R fashion for barbs... please god..

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awesome, thanks Agatio=)

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Sins get -5 Def level but barbs get +5 attack -.-? Dph barb can hit sins 20k-25k in full def...

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nice banner echo, gods giving reset nice my man

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Thank you. Can't wait to open my acc.  XD


banner is cute 

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What a f ucking joke lmfao remove 5 def levels from sins ? Now mages barbs mystics and venos gonna crush sins 

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Sins get -5 Def level but barbs get +5 attack -.-? Dph barb can hit sins 20k-25k in full def...
ye over the years sin atk lvl decreased by 10 n def now by 5
barbs r pretty balances rn in my opinion
mages etc r just gonna deal more damage to sins n poof
fire combo wins again
these hoes aint shit