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[Event] Design Cier's Signature.


A little while back Brash and WatchTower asked you, the community, to design them signatures... and the outcome was phenomenal. Truly great. Sooooo, now I'd like to ask you to design mine. Pretty please. :p
Each person may submit two signatures.
 I'd like to you follow the requests at the bottom of this post... though if you'd like to substitute parts of the requests for something different, go for it. Be creative. c:

Depending on how many submissions I get, I'll decide if I'm doing first/second/third prizes or just one big firstplace prize. <3.

The contest will end on Monday, December 17th.

Post all submissions on this thread.

My requests:
- Entries must be no smaller than 330x150 and no larger than 400x200
- Signature should say "Cier" and "Epw GM" somewhere.
- I would like the signature to contain a fox. Maybe.
- Try and do something that you think matches my personality. :o
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Re: [Event] Design Cier's Signature.
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im kinda new here.. so really dont know the GM's personality.. sorry.. but i hope you like it GM.. :) 

sly is for clever and artful.. (in a good way of clever..)

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Btw  you'r avatar is awesome,love it <33

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My crap entry. LOL.

Direct link.

EDIT: With "border". LOL.

Direct link.
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Btw  you'r avatar is awesome,love it <33

Nice!! i like them  ;)

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