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Reduction of TT mats variety

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There are currently 39 useful TT mats for conversion. 8 = from 1-3,  12 = from 2-3 and 19 = from 3-3. All blue, green, gold and red mats from the same
instance and color gives the same amount of EC after conversion.

My suggestion is to make TT mats from the same instance and color to be the same item.

Ex: Instead of having 12 TT mats for 2-3 there would be 3 = Blue Orbs, Green Orbs, and Golden Orbs. The same could be done with the other 2 instances.

By doing that 39 mats  would become 10 and that would free a lot of inventory space for everyone.

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kitty stew

I can't see how this would hurt at all..  it's a good idea but I'll tell you why it's entirely unnecessary

- no sense in stashing tt mats as none but the few relevant warsoul making mats have any market value/interest
- extremely large inventory
- extremely large stash
- extremely large cupboard
- larger acct stash + all of the above with mules

ps no need to apologize like a Canadian
pps thanks server error for eating my post (and saying it was a duplicate when I immediately tried to repost even though no post showed up) good thing I had copied it in advance


 it's a good idea but I'll tell you why it's entirely unnecessary
Because everyone has such large places, everyone is used to having plenty of space for stuff. So saving the space would be wonderful actually.
ps no need to apologize like a Canadian
Wow? no need for that speak here, get out
I +1 this idea

kitty stew

I +1 this idea


everyone has those three stashes and they are huge in space..  for everyone 

no idea what you're blathering about 

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Although not an entirely terrible idea, if it bothers you that much why not ask Agiato to just turn the mats that trade to EC into just dropping EC with the exception of the ones that trade into  Warsoul: Ksitigarbha  fragment, seems like it would be less work. That way people can still get the  Warsoul: Ksitigarbha, and people who think TT mats take up too much room get the best of both worlds.

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IDC , I post farm only c: