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Hey guys, I would like to make an excessively long forum post (essay) detailing a new suggestion that will better the EPW community. The Game Masters of EPW are not taking action and therefore, it is up to us, the players, to band together, unite under a brotherhood of fluffy kitties (rawrsies :33 xD) and get the attention of the GMs!!!

Really, I believe what I am saying is true, and not only do feel this suggestion is important to the EPW community if we want it to live longer so I can no life the sht out of it, but I also feel that it is necessary for me to continuously write threads that are annoyingly, monotonously complaining. xD

Therefore, I am asking each and every one of you to sign this petition!!!

Ban Domgrath and we will be able to salvage our EPW from ruin.

Really guys, i mean it from the bottom of my heart xdd lmfae i crack eggs xd just sign the poll and EPW will be a better place.

No flaming guys, just +1 or -1 with reasons, don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings here xd


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fegget attempt of a joke haha
fegget attempt of a joke haha

x D D D D D r e a l l y i m e a n i t x d lmae its not joke pls sir i cereal i wish i was joking roflmae

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i need to see where this is going

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some bullshit (:
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+1 Ban script bad WereBaddie from server please  :(

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I don't know why I read them all
If you see a barb flying with huge book, that's me