Epic Perfect World


Offline イんノ尺Ц

  • Nothing special
  • Characters: Thirujo, Thirujoy & Thiru
  • Faction: Leftovers
Ok... Since we restrict the phy ring from mag class, what's the point of having mag and mag atk on engraving status... I felt like it's pretty much useless :c

Play it as just a ******* game ;)

Offline Deathpuddle

  • Sin With A Mouth
  • It's like riding a bike or severe childhood trauma, you never really lose it.
  • Characters: Deadpool
  • Faction: Ass4Hire
It's use to make you spend more money.


kitty stew

gambling.. it's as much a part of perfect world as QQ and "hurr durr game is dead" retardism