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Hi, I just downloaded your client through torrent and unzipped it, only to find out that it heavily needs updating.
While it's not too much of an inconvenience, I'd like to suggest that you create a MEGA.co.nz account and sync an up-to-date client folder with a cloud. That way, the client could be downloaded much more easily by new players, always up-to-date (if you keep the folder synced).

If not that, there's also the possibility of uploading the current version, which would make things faster as well, but without the need to continue running the MEGA application to sync folders when you update the client. At the very least, even when you release more patches, the time it takes to patch to the current version for new players would still be drastically reduced.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you consider the suggestion.


Why not use the Direct Download links & JDownloader 2, instead? Functions JUST like Mega would, and it also saves Aga from having to upload nearly 10-15GB every time we get an expansion.

Edit: Yes, I'm quite aware that the ad-free version pops up as malware in Google Chrome, however it's a false positive.

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should just update the torrent every 1 month or after every big patch, few mb patches dont matter
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Offline Agatio

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I was going to make new torrent anyway.  And it's available now :)

About MEGA, I don't think your idea would work, because client pack files got huge size and they would need to be re-uploaded each time after a patch, so I will stay with current ways for now.