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Server down again:(

Damn hackers,il take theyr soulz one day >:D >:(

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yeah dead in the middle of a cube run too  :P
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well if this aint some bullshit

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I am sure aga is tryna fix as we speak just need to be patient and skyde from Rotfa is on the forums spying lol you know becuase shes nimdas new play thing :P

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GMs r not online so when it fixes? ~
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lol I hate it anytime the server goes down. Sad to see that their still trying to ddos the server, but I guess the only thing would be to wait it out. Q_Q

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well im sure Agatio will fix it.The bad part wuz i dc in the middle of pking xD

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Bleh, stupid hackers need to get a life  >:(

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they wont fix it simply we are off till tomrow when they get online and see this

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Me,  Brash and Cier are all online.

Unfurtenly i do not know what is going on, sinse i just arrived home from work. I'm pretty sure Aga is already working on it. I will post some info as soon as i know what is going on.
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I don't understand why they can't stop him (he pretends to be a her) he's been doing this to other servers off and on all year.   grrrrr

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it says its back up now... n im pretty sure the gm's do all they can for us as much as they can, stop drinking so much haterade guys..

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I don't understand why they can't stop him (he pretends to be a her) he's been doing this to other servers off and on all year.   grrrrr

He's prolly hiding behind proxies

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Probably some poor sad fat kid sitting in there room covered in chocolate humming the same songover n over in there head as they try to take down the most awesomely awesome place on the internet  8) :P

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its all good gm's got this.. becides use the time to take a shower xD