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Many fans have been asking for new 1vs1 video (struggles of being best)

Some old and new, script and non-script fights, tried to add more fights but video was too long

Part 2 coming soon 

skip 40 secs black screen oops

trashtalk Pedrosner for sht music 

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Nice video bro , keep it up

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Hello idol, your channel says 'Swane #1', but you're actually #2.  :-X

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very nice brow

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U Have been always best ea in whole PW severs 

Nice video 

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Nice 1v1 Video swaneyboo


well played man

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false advertisement, i didn't see myself once in this video

change title to "random indian playing ea"


I also don't see CN/KR devs playing.

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Good video dude I acctually  watched js 

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sux lmao nice video dude
Inactive 4eva.

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Best EA #1 Nice Video  :monkey-35:

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I'm better player sux

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When you play the games of thrones, you win or die. There is no middle ground.