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Valentine's Poetry Event

Offline Dream

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Welcome to our first Valentine's Poetry Forum Event! In this event, players will be able to show off their poetic writing skills.
Got nothing to give your bae this valentine's day? Don't panic, we got you.
There is no better gift than words that come straight from the heart!
Share a poem, dedicate it to your partner, a friend, a family member, or just share a poem for the fun and prizes, you might win!

The poems will be judged based on:
  • Creativity
  • Rhythm
  • Line endings or breaks
  • Comprehension
  • Punctuation, spelling and grammar will not matter

Event Rules:
  • Each participant can post only one (1) poem
  • Exact replica of other poems will not be accepted, though it is allowed to use other poem's structure as long as they are greatly personalized
  • Do not share poems made to insult or offend other players
  • Poems that do not display a real attempt of creativity and/or interest will be considered invalid

Event Rewards:
  • x300 Epic Coins (EC)
  • x2 Event Tokens (ET)
  • x160 Supply Tokens (ST)
  • Title: Poetic

5th Place:
  • x400 Epic Coins (EC)
  • x5 Event Tokens (ET)
  • x240 Supply Tokens (ST)
  • Points: x10
  • Title: Love Muffin

4th  Place:
  • x500 Epic Coins (EC)
  • x7 Event Tokens (ET)
  • x300 Supply Tokens (ST)
  • Points: x20
  • Title: Lets Kiss

3rd  Place:
  • x750 Epic Coins (EC)
  • x15 Event Tokens (ET)
  • x400 Supply Tokens (ST)
  • Points: x30
  • Title: Lovebird

2nd  Place:
  • x1000 Epic Coins (EC)
  • x20 Event Tokens (ET)
  • x600 Supply Tokens (ST)
  • Points: x40
  • Title: Lovestruck

1st  Place:
  • x1500 Epic Coins (EC)
  • x30 Event Token (ET)
  • x800 Supply Tokens (ST)
  • Points: x50
  • Custom Title (Player's choice)

Event Deadline:
(The date is subject to change if needed)

February 22nd, 2016 (20:00 Server Time)
You have until then to change, modify and come up with your poem.

Simple, right?
If you have any further questions, post it on this thread or simply msg me ->here<-

Good luck to all of our fine poets out there, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will!

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Bye, xo.

Offline Dream

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Bye, xo.

Offline Grimmy

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So...does it particularly have to be about love, or vday, or PW? Or can they be about anything?


IGN: Tragedy
Avy by 🌠Habits / Siggy by ßlith♡

Offline Rumi

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here butthead it is non-drawing contest your time to shine

Offline Dream

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So...does it particularly have to be about love, or vday, or PW? Or can they be about anything?

The Poem can be about anything, just as long as it remains appropriate.
1 /18 /16

Bye, xo.

Offline Ivan

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You can send the reward to Ivaaaaaan, 6 a's
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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Roses are red,
violets are blue.
I just want the title
and so do you.


Offline Neve

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A thousand miles apart
yet you touched my heart.

Soon you touched my skin
and nothings how its been.

Now its you and me, the way its meant to be.

Ign Finoobla
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Offline Neve

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I just want the titles
and so do you.
damn this one hits the spot - winner
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Offline Stroopwafel

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I have composed this poem to spread positive vibes of my e-marriage :-*

ign Lacrimosa

yes this is serious entry

Offline Snow

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Titled: Burning House.

You stood there
Like a pillar made of ice
Breathing in air
It felt like fool's paradise.

You looked different
Covered in the mist
Me, so indifferent
Is there something I had missed.

I felt eager
I felt sad
Fatigue her
They had.

As every other year
You are my choice
Feelings do not disappear
When can we rejoice.

Touching the skin
Pulling her close
Did she really had to pay for human sins
She did not deserve.

The fire burning
It's trembling sound
Melting down the house
Taking you as it's spouse.

I will not forgive
throw it in the abyss
I cannot forget
What an ugly duet.

I must not complain
Today is Valentine's Day
I bring you these flowers
As I am counting down the hours.

IGN: Snowmelt

I want to thank you Dream for this event, probably the most fun one so far.

I dedicate my poem to all the people who lost a loved one to an accident caused by flames.
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You can send the reward to Ivaaaaaan, 6 a's
... Ivan............................................................................................ Pieter Level

Offline Joy

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Ty for art Habits. 💖

Offline Pikawchu

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If I Could Write A Poem

I want to write a poem to tell you that I care,
And I'd write that poem to you, if only I would dare.
But poem writing scares me, so the outlook is quite bleak;
So to tell you of my feelings another outlet I must seek.

If I could write a poem, my problems would be solved.
I'd know exactly what to say; it wouldn't be involved.
I'd tell you of your grace, and of your wit and charms.
I'd mention how your eyes shine and how your laugh disarms.

I'd tell you how I love you from your head down to your toe.
And you'd know it's all the truth because a poem told you so.
But I can't write a poem, so this note must break the ice,
And do the job to win your heart, nothing less will near suffice.

What I'd really like to say is, "Would you be my Valentine?"

IGN : Pastorific
Not your poem sweety  :-\

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