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Valentine's ScreenShot Contest

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Hello everyone!
This event is pretty simple. Take a screenshot showing us how you celebrate Valentine's day online.
The screenshots will be judged based on:

-The screenshot can be anything, as long as your character is in it.
-You can only upload one screenshot
-You can use slight filters but don't overdo it.
-You may include text, as long as it's appropriate.
-Keep the thread clean. Everything off-topic will be deleted.
-Once uploaded, you can edit your post if you come up with a better screenshot.

Of course, no event would be complete without

5th Place:
- 500 Epic Coins
- 2 Event Tokens
- 100 Supply Tokens

4th Place:
- 700 Epic Coins
- 4 Event Tokens
- 150 Supply Tokens

3rd Place:
- 900 Epic Coins
- 6 Event Tokens
- 200 Supply Tokens

2nd Place:
- 1200 Epic Coins
- 8 Event Tokens
- 250 Supply Tokens

1st Place:
- 1500 Epic Coins
- 10 Event Tokens
- 300 Supply Tokens

Participation Reward:
- 100 Epic Coins
- 1 Event Token
- 50 Supply Tokens

8th February - 22nd February (20:00 Server Time)
So you have 2 weeks to come up with and upload your screenshots.

That is all, if you have more questions, feel free to message me.

Good Luck Everyone &
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The screenshots will be judged based on:

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Good luck everyone, I love seeing these creative screenshots.
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That's me btw not Insolent O:-)

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Ig Finoobla

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Good luck to everyone.
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Might change later 


Might change later
valentine reiss way..