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Can someone explain to me the music copyright?

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So I want to post pk videos with all my favorite music, but I don't know how the copyright system works? Am I allowed to post a song but have to have in the description that I don't own it? Or am I only able to post remixes of songs? Someone please pm me and answer this directly.

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even if you write in the description the i do not own the music bla bla you will still get copyrighted, almost every song on youtube has a copyright claim and will make money off your video, some will block your video in some countries and some will just block your video for good, others will just leave your video alone but claim all the money from views from it, if you want to know if you will get copyrighted then upload the song before on a blank video and see what happens or just google the company and see if they're known for striking down videos

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Copyright works like this:
-you post video
-u go sleep
-u wake up, video muted.
-u are obligated to put shit music after, from their "150.000" epic music collection.

But yeah, like he Geo said, it either gets blocked, or muted or they make it unavailable on mobile device.

And no, remixes won't help, my remixes that arent EVEN on youtube get blocked because they find similarities within their Google Id system or something like that.

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It won't matter what you do. Truth is you're using their creative content for your own use. Either your video will get muted and you get a strike (strike 3 and you're out) or they'll just make money off your video.