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10-man(person) kumite(sparing)
(epwstyle) is an extreme test of physical and mental endurance in PVP/Arena for 1 vs 10, for the best to truly claim the title of the best.

The 10-man(person) kumite(sparing) consists of 100 rounds of kumite, each between one-and-a-half and two minutes in length. Normally, the karate practitioner undergoing the test will have to face similarly or higher-ranked opponents, and may face an opponent a few times in the course of the test (depending on the number of opponents available to participate).

Edit it up a bit, make it an onslaught of 1v1's, self buffs only or full buffs for all (as a GM event fight usually is) and then a fights, for 2-3 minutes till someone dies, if champ die its over, make person that killed become champ? or just give prize to the squad, gotta be a big reward for the winner that's then split between the squad of 10 if the squad wins, same prize basically for all that's what makes it worth it.

No rest time between each fight, the second the champ kills an opponent another must then enter immediately and begin, no "Go" or anything it's just controlled ganking.
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Would not work to much non favctpr to it
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Offline Akame

  • Akame ga kill
  • Night Raid
  • Characters: Hypnotical/Akame
  • Faction: Artifex
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