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Red war avatar card bug

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Normal spirit is 186 but when u use lord tyrants and alexander ur spirit become bug 186 to 220 i already remove bug spirits in my character in site idk if others does 

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It might not be a bug, as far as I know some classes get a boost in some of the different card types. 8)

BM/Barb/Seeker get 140% from Longevity / 80% from Durability

Archer gets 80% Longevity / 120% Durability

Sin gets 80% Longevity / 120% Durability / 75% Battle / 75% Destroyer

Cleric/Mystic/Veno/Wiz/Psychic get 40% Longevity / 140% Durability
When I was a child I acted as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things and took up online gaming in Perfect World LOL

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it's already fixed