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Why Gm don't add R9 on epw ? Just cause some player have Luck with R8 and someother get bad Luck with 5k Damas so add R9 for all player 

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lets add att lvl and def lvl shards while we're at it, huh?


this server isnt supposed to be like official.

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Because this is the best way to get 'close to balance' and have what to do in game
go add r9 and every1 farms it, in 2months every player on epw will have it and nothing left to do = QUIT GAME BRO, also, 50% of people will quit since they either worked a lot for their actual r8 either donated, and making a new set that would make all the work useless, hm, how to say, no ty.
you have dragon set if u want fix stats, play WR or WB aps and u have it.


There is a reason why we are the top server. 
The custom nature of our server, along with the long, yet not impossible, 
list of things to do and farm keeps people interested and entertained.
We are the one server that caters to the majority of gameplay styles, both PVP and PVE.

All other servers that I have seen go R9 have died off. 
I've played most of them and experienced the boredom of getting your standard gear then having nothing else to do besides PK, 
which is great for a few months but gets a bit stale after a while.

Introducing something that is straightforward and easy to get will just bore people.

There are many R9 threads already, can find them by using our search bar^^
But here is the general response from a past thread on this topic.


get out  
This tbh ^ Fight Verm for God Seeker title btw

lets add att lvl and def lvl shards while we're at it, huh?


this server isnt supposed to be like official.

This as well. Won't happen, we are #1 without it.


Dragon gear have Fix stat sure, but get rekt ez 

I'm talking about Fixe gear cause i used 8k Damas already 

And got more random bad stat 

2 years playing seeker still bad stat R8

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This is what everyone experiences,
but not everyone qqs.

Some pieces lucky, some pieces not.
Some take millions and some take 1 roll.

Accept it, embrace it.
Plenty of ways to farm till you get what you want.


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why did no one think of this before? +1

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just fyi r9 gear exists here already....
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*


There is R9 already... Check the forges O.o

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Dragon gear have Fix stat sure, but get rekt ez

I'm talking about Fixe gear cause i used 8k Damas already

And got more random bad stat

2 years playing seeker still bad stat R8
first.. seeker and barb are among the easiest to gear out of all the other classes
all you need is a good 3x def+ wep, dragon gof sword,        full dragon gears/3xint wrist(which is quite doable in 3k ores max) if you wanna aps
the rest of the stats need 2x str/ 2x reduce pdef/mdef.
this is literally all a seeker needs on r8, watch gameplay vids by vermil/castle/kriegsgott. two outta those don't even have 3x wrist.
If you still find yourself outgeared, I politely recommend you remove the god seeker from your profile, and maybe invest on a different class.
also idk what you wasted 8k damas on(assuming its not an inflated number you came up with) ...... even the shittiest luck would yield results with that many.. its literally probability.

your kungfu is goot