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Happy First Year EPW! / x2 Rates Weekend!

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Today is our official first year anniversary! All the staff would like to thank you for making this server what it is today. We have grown from about 40 player base back in Feb, to around 500-700! You guys have all been amazing and we love our community! Sure we've had our ups and our downs but you guys have really made this server amazing and something bigger. I myself played here when it was a small new server, not many people. Glad to see it has gotten so huge! :P

Everyone say thanks to Agatio for making this server and keeping it up even when times were hard! Without him server wouldn't be as custom and different and what it is today.

As a special thanks to all of you x2 rates will be on all weekend!

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I would like to thank everyone who has supported us, our beloved players who are with us all this time, our GM team with a lot of great ideas that are making this server better and better, it's a big pleasure to work for you. Without you this server wouldn't be the same. We are looking forward for the next year and hoping that this one will be even better!

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yes, as being a "big fan" of private servers and know lots about each and every one more then pretty much all people, I have to say that the work Agaito puts on here and how balanced and just smart made everything is. it's really good. he knows how to run this, and how to make the players smile.  The server don't even have any world chat drama.. maybe a tiny time a week or something.. that's a huge plus,, if you've seen the other servers out there. and all custom events on here that the gm makes and you all work on to get better. so Different from other servers.. they do old fashion event or hide and seek. lol... nothing new at all.. on here i was surprised to see so good new events. Lot's of thoughts and work you put in to it. and most of all.. Agaito listen to the players. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge plus. i could say more things but u get the point xD


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 :P :P :P :P

wew Starbucks!!!! :)) :))

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Ahh, back in Feb...those were awesome days :3
Gratz to Agatio, and the past and current staff. :D
Now to go no-life Tori's sin  ;)
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Awesome! Happy anniversary. :) I've only been here about a month but it's a really nice server! Thanks for the hard work you do, Agatio. :And thanks a lot for the 2x! :)

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Happy 1 anniversary
ps: coffee your avatar make me cry :<

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Happy First Birthday EPW!!
Thanks to the GMS for making an awsome server, and I hope you have many more Happy Birthdays!!


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Happy First Anniversary Epw! ^^

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Happy First Anni, Alot of new faces here and some old faces still hanging around. I've been here for 11 months and I have to say this server has come quite far even with the few ups and downs we have had along the way. Let Epic PW have many more years to come.

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Happy Birthday EPW! BIG 1! woot!!!!

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Happy Anniversary!!!  thx to Agatio and all the epw team we have a very good server today, keep your good work guys.

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Thank u alot Agiato for this server and all work u have done to make this,
the community here is just stunning hard to find this good =)

Just been here like 2-3 weeks and it feels like a extra home.

Thx Agiato and rest of the staff =)
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