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ArchEnemy PK Ruthless/ArtOfWar

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Video presented by MORD. Thank you for the pk Ruthless and ArtOfWar.

Hope you enjoy!

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Great Video Wise Leader :) Thanks for the PK AoW and Ruthless :) was really fun!

Avatar/Siggy Made by Leonora♥

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Looks fun, nice video

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Nice Video AE wish you called us when they came back but glad you handle it :)

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Nice video and song
Was lots of fun

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Nice video MORD. Nice music.

Thanks for PK Ruthless/AoW/Virus.

Was fun.

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nice video! GF
        ╔╝ (¯`v´¯)

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Nice video! Keep up the good work.   ^-^
Thank you Leonora for the amazing avatar!

Mitch is Best Reaper 2017
↑proof that Mitch abuses my account↑
Isnt my fault you want coloured name


thank you for releasing it tero :) 
gf ruthless/ AOw 

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Nice video :) AA Jass  :P

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Nice vid, looks fun

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Im best squad lead in fac look at that shit 1 death total~

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Im best squad lead in fac look at that shit 1 death total~
Don't be lying to me now :P I was in TS with you when we did that pk I can recall at least two :D