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Offline skairyn

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Hello guys,

I'm new here and actually download the ep pw client. I've played on the regular servers like Raging Tide and Momaganon but I stopped some weeks ago because of the 24/7 nirvana farming during x2 to get a bit better gear. It was really annoying and if you haven't rich parents or a very liquid credit card you can't do PvP very well. I took a time-out of pwi but I missed the gameplay so I decided to search for private servers and now I'm here :)
I played:
102 5 aps Demon Sin
100 R8 Sage Sin
102 R8 Demon Archer
and some other chars in the 90's

I really enjoy to play Assassins but if you would ask me what is better for PVE I can only say the Demon build and I prefer it in all situations.

If you read this and you come from Germany or speak German I would be happy if you contact me, maybe we can do things together because it would make things easier.

Happy hunting  ;)

Offline Mantus

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Welcome to EPW :3
 Happy ganging and etc.: ;D
Hope ya gonna like here, feel free to pm me, if ull need any help (tho im not helping with instances) im to lazy for that  :rolleyes:

Offline Kaleidoscope

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Welcome to the server. Be sure to check out our guide section, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
The community is pretty nice... mostly. Beware of trolls?


Offline Hurricaine

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I'm not to  lazy  to  help with  instances :P should  be  able to  help with  questions  if  needed... dont  speak  german tho :P

Give a  shout... and welcome to the  server :)


Welcome to EPW!  :monkey-1:

Offline SinStrike

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well welcome to EPW (Its title is true) Skairyn the game is very fun and i have only been playing it for like 3 weeks lol? anyway if u need anything you can pm my sin in game   SinStrike is his name
§in§trike 150 Demon/Sin
WolfRage 150  Demon/Barb