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Agaito's Unacceptable Behaviour


1. I was robbed by a friends friend back in 2014 Agaito recovered most.
2. This time Nebil_OS robbed my acc clean and npcd my gear after knowing that pathetic stoner for years.
3. I have rock solid evidence in SS and Convo with his mother hehe where he admits once again and this time offered me his acc to play on since he bounded my items recently while agaito could have recovered items within the 1st week which he choce to ignore. He choose to let him go even tho he was recently banned for something similar.

 Agaito did not operate in time with proof so Nebil bounded my items.

GM confirmed to they can take bounded items which just messes up this more. They got their target by me and I hand them unquestionable evidence yet this egotistical Dev won't do nothing. Ye he does comment something slick every 5hr and scroll profiles all day. I have donated but that aside. Agaito why don't you link about no help to players regarding acc or when you don't feel like helping. Some slick ass policy everyone prob don't know. Enlighten us please.

Point is currently agaito is not doing or performing duty he have obligation to weather you got it down on your slick ass policy or not.
I choose not to post Convo between me and his mom due to respect but will if necessary. 
Stay on topic if you choose to post.


so you gave your info to someone and cry that you got your items stolen/npc'd whatever
Every created game or forum account is property of Epic Perfect World and may be terminated at any time with or without reason. 
During your gameplay of Epic Perfect World, you agree that security of your account is your responsibility, thus you are responsible for any actions which are done to or from your account. We have done everything to protect your account on our end. You also agree that giving out your login details will compromise the security of your account and you fully accept any consequences which may come of such. 
You are aware that in case of losing access to your account which was a result of giving out your login details, we will give you absolutely no support to help you recover your account or lost items.
what "duty" are you talking about? 

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In a short way, share your account = own problem.


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lol this thread gonna be deleted so fast
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How about you stop whinning about others not fixing the problems you created? Just don`t freaking share your acc info.
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Erm, please dont get me wrong, but I dont think this is the optimal "way" to clarify this situation while making it public.

There is a reason while there is a regulary system message ingame serveral times a day to dont share your account informations with anyone. If you decide to do otherwise and you trust those "friends", then its up to you ofc, but imo you cant complain after, that you got "robbed".

You cant expect the GMs/Developer to take care of all this, especially coz this is not the first time it's happen to you.
And back then you got all your stuff back. And you still didnt learned to keep your account infos private. So what you want them to do?

I understand that you are upset and I understand aswell that you got a proof, that you got robbed.
That still doesnt change the fact, that it was obviously you giving your infos to someone else.
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I'm sorry this happened to you. It must not be pleasant.
However, there is automatic red system message going on in game every hour to remind you NOT to share your account information for this specific reason. And now you would place the blame for something you did wrong on Agatio, who has once already recovered your stuff. Perhaps you should've learned from your mistakes back in 2014.
Again, sorry it happened, but perhaps now you'll learn to not give out your information.

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In a short way, share your account = own problem.
I don't think I can help you at this point. It's not the first time your items are missing due to you sharing your account with people (or maybe it was same person that robbed you more than once)? I am not really willing to help you now if what has happened is basically what you have asked for by not learning from your past mistakes.
Also reporting it over a month after it happened makes it not possible for me to track it.

Since you bought this up here i quoted what aga said.He's not obliged to check anything when the rules say that you've to take care of your own account and anything that happens to your account is YOUR responsibility.EVEN then he tries to help people who report cases like these within a specific period of time when it could be checked.
Again,The rule is quoted on the multiple pages.

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