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Warning and Rise VS Tyrants

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This is what happens when Tyrans sig 2x more numbers than any other faction and try to ruin fun :) Pk lasted about 2 hours enjoy :)

You gotta wait for better quality , youtube still rendering
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Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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awesome pk and music  ;D ;D


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was easy pk !
nice vid dude

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Still waiting for full hd...

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Doesn't matter if they worked together or not, atleast i had fun at this pk  :normal-25:
Nice vid + teamwork.

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Good thing that PK wasn't 1 sided for once so who cares if they worked together or not...

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3 hour PK.

By the last 15 minutes (this video) half our faction logged offline after being bored of 2 1/2 hours of PvP

Guild begged us to safe sig

And you make a video? what a tryhard lol

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rather sz than try to win with another guild but nice video

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world is beautiful 

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gz you still lost +OC and we have ourselves good tw contenders (more than 18 mins i hope).

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