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I tried art again.

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I tried to make something a sec ago. Just experimenting with heads and hairs. (And oh god eyes. *** mouths cause IDK how those even work :( )


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If i may suggest sir, create a single topic where you'll keep updating your art, without creating new threads each time you want to post something :D It just keeps things cleaner and people can compare your art and see how much you grew since the last time you posted something :3

Also, keep practicing, you'll be great :)

01.01.2016. ♥

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It's not the mouth you should be worrying about, try having things in proportion like for example, your character's chin+jaw. No angles or whatsoever. If you want your lips to look good, Make your face shape suit it. Like legit, your drawing's looking nice because it's your style and still starting out (Just like me)   ;)