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Today's PK, so was damn easy 4 v 1 Still remained the best, no challenge whatsoever!
Tyrants vs Warning + Rise + Oc + Asia <-- Just to Clarify who the 'four' are
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Was ez pk ty :*
You're bad!
Also, I carried your pt you btch boi


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Dude i thought u ea, good video 

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nice vid Noel pk was to ez though lel

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Don't emotion, Chill. 

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Nice vid, liked first song, disliked second :/.

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Those Delta waves man.... aren't they supposed to last longer than 15minutes :(.

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Wdf man this isnt worth post.  :rolleyes:

My damage log collection NEW


 :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) ye man was very easy

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Waaw sheeeet I love your wings

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Nice video and music.

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Nice Video, Dude.

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you improved with party leading bro, I'm better than you tho.
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament