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Outcasts☆ vs Rise/Tyrants

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Intro of the leader and the 3 commisioner wheelchairs :police:
- easy snack pk got my kdr buffed

January the month of 1337's return  :police:

Tracklist: De Sluwe Vos - Apex ( Techno one )  

                300 Violin Orchestra - Jorge Quintero

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was too easy man , nice music dude , 1337 will be back soon and the game can finally start :police:
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My Dragon Lore soon guys 
Virtus.Pro top1 team in CS:GO 2k15


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The autism is rising


Best Intro ever made ahahahahahahaha Great video, keep it up guys!

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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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The fucking Gyooo though LOL

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Best video, best player, best faction <3 
Ps. Rev send me nudes plz.

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That intro LOL. Good video.
Making the intro was harder than the PK

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ahhahah Good Game Well Played!!! ;D

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Nice video, loved first song. Was fun pk, sandwich tactic didnt really work ;D

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Not bad, i liked the first song

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wdf was that demonic sounding 'go' '-';
ez pk tho

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Cannot wait to pk with you brothers ❤️❤️Hahahahaha