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TT 2-3

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Is it possible to decrease the waiting time before the Undead Gravedigger? Or get just get rid of it?
I know, i know i can just go afk or tab out and its not all that horribly long etc but still, you spend 50% of the time you spend on a run standing there looking pretty... .
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i dont pve but +1

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+1 kinda lame to sit around 5 min mid run :c


I did TT 2-3 like an hour ago. 


No need for a wait. c: Ty GN for removing it. If you dont, remove this post  :-[

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every pve instance got a waiting time somehow, u need to deal with it.
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I just did 1 run to get a warsoul mat, waiting time was pretty balls...

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+1 But if cannot be done then world dont end with it..

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H8'that part of tt, can half way kill the boss by the time i wait, 1+



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maybe increase the runspeed of the boss?
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GM remove tt, give ec b0ss plissssss



Bumpsies because I +1 this 

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Better go do 3-3...no need wait and more ec

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