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Been a while since my last assassin video might make one with more 1v1s who knows.
Few 1v1s and outnumbered pk with maxy and marko 
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thats cool when u get the courage to face tyrants (not comissioners) we'll be here

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Dem skype signets for 15 are so cool dude... :rolleyes:


You guys are very good sins, keep up the good work !

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wtf 20 seconds inbetween fights black screen..?
Nice video in rest..

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Hello sir, enjoyed the music+video, stay classy ;)

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damn Rise > OC Legend normal-10


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noob + sux dude
Inactive 4eva.

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suck vid
i mean good one O:-)

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nice video brother 
Did u record todays pk where u switched classes from wiz to sin  cuz u couldnt handle my squad brother 

Nice music xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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I've missed your sin videos welcome back! 
and awesome gameplay!
Also goodjob to the EPs in your squad they did so well :police:

💠just a weed in your garden of flowers💠

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Good video man .. Like always sexy gameplay