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  • You're so mad at a game.
  • Who are you and why do you seem to have some weird obsession with mentioning me in EPW comments?
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edit: ..... what the FuK happened to the last fight roflmao, ill upload it l8r

oh look, this angerling is trying to convert his thought into online text, rofl

here it is, me 1v1ing the best bm in epw (at the moment, i dont think anyone has the concept of the progression of space and time rofl, get mad idiot)
Raul (the romanian one with bad english + dreams about aldin/razor/seeya) not the one from hangover who lags harder than a samoan playing on cellphone wifi using a usb 1.0 receptor hooked up to his ibm pc torrenting metallica albums from limewire

dats rite boyz, prepare ur 30 year old anuses for buttoffenderization (do u even meme lad wew) and ur 15 year old fingers to type heavily on keyboard without making a logical thought first (lewl u got rekt XD)

a.k.a get some skill bwoyz, make wr, make 1.3.6 server, 1v1 me u fukin faget ill wax dat lil angheyened ButH0lE

"lol i cant stunlock" u
"i get offended at memes" u
"i lose at mass pk 8 years in a row and im from europe" u
"lol i think mg/ea/anyotherclassexcepttheoneimgoodatbecauseurnotgoodandiamsimentionedbecauseimsignificantlybettethanyou takes skill" u
"lol im mad" u
"lol i got destroyed by you" u


here's the last fight, if you even care roflmao

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You are garbage and I already beat you lmao

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any victory left xar 

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...Emma Watson face kill the vibe men...

All xpend wrs = best no contest

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Brother Xaro you are not worth to take in consideration since ur non-factor the truth is i won in score m8 . btw i didnt forgot the pms from 1.3 that u asking me if i count with something the locks ROFL get better madder <> after all i beated u but next time post loses too GGWP .

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so skillful wawe hehe lol xd 

waiting 2 seconds between clicking skill very skillful

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Losing to student of Robbert, Insanity, SIlence, Savi and Brazen and big dreams(Domgrath) oops 

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Xar best wr invented all the wr skills and added sage/demon to game thxb
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..

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Xar best wr invented all the wr skills and added sage/demon to game thxb
viva le sync 2k16


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Losing to student of Robbert, Insanity, SIlence, Savi and Brazen and big dreams(Domgrath) oops

Destroyed by Swane.

OT : nice 1 fag