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Can we have a event page where we know which in game events are currently " ON " and which ones are " OFF " ?
Like in game or in site?
I think its better if its added in game  :P

Well because in game its always hard to find out whether Ice Legion/Fire Legion is on when i just log in, end up missing PVE xd

So I personally think that its better if we have like extra stuff to allow more people to be more ' aware ' of the events ongoing currently in game.

Just a suggestion! no h8 m8 cheers m8!

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these hoes aint shit

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You could just check the spots after logging in, it wouldn't take long.
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I personally think there is no need for it, sorry-


+1 Would be nice to have it on the website. But we already have too many haters so probably will never happen...


It'd be nice to have it below the panel where it shows which gm is online. 
Especially with FL. But I don't mind either way.
So + / -

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+1 would be cool if we could get that

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+1 coz you're from worms/shades xD